Friday, 17 June 2016

The Real Role Technical SEO Should Play

Many people will tell you that to have solid Chiropractor SEO, you should incorporate as much technical SEO as possible. Technical this, technical jargon that. While technical SEO is definitely an aspect to your overall SEO, it should not be so heavily relied upon.  Just like makeup is a finishing touch that makes you look better than you really do, technical SEO will make your site look more attractive and appealing on the outside.  

However, the real substance comes from what’s within.  Makeup can only go so far, just like technical SEO.  At some point you have to let it be and put most of your efforts into what is underneath.  The real role technical SEO should play is just that: makeup.  Put effort into it, make it look nice, but do not rely too heavily on it to provide overall value to your Chiropractor SEO.

The Problem: Everyone Wears Makeup

Because good SEO is becoming a pretty standard implementation in any successful Chiropractic business, it can be hard to stand out amongst your competitors.  If everyone is wearing makeup and looks good, how do you make your company look better than them? 

The Solution: Focus on What’s Underneath

Well, in order to stand out, you need to focus on more than just the superficial stuff.  In addition to looking attractive, your site needs to truly be attractive.  How do you relate to others?  What about your company is different from the one down the street?  What true value do you provide?  How do you go above and beyond for your patients and future patients?  On your website, do you have amazing content, backlinks, and strategy?

If not, now’s the time to get going on it.  In addition to your technical SEO, focus ample amounts of time on the nitty gritty, bulk of your website that is the overall content of your Chiropractor SEO.  Look at the big picture and what it is you are trying to accomplish, and then take the necessary steps to do so.  Spent the necessary amount of time on creating good, new content as well as buffing up your social media presence.  Implement effective outreach in order to gain access to the best backlinks as possible.  These tactics are only going to give your site the most credibility possible, and make you as attractive on the inside as you are on the outside. 

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